GPI 920

Complete International Solutions, Inc.

Complete International Solutions (CIS) is an Export Management Company (EMC).  We function as the manufacturer’s export office.  We purchase goods for our own account in US dollars and resell directly or through our extensive worldwide distribution network.  We handle all shipping, export documentation and financing.  There is no fee for our services. 


CIS and our distributors advertise in the names of our manufacturers.  Many of our distributors and employees attend trade shows worldwide and exhibit the products of the manufacturers we represent.  Our manufacturers provide us with literature, press releases when available, promotional photos and whatever advertising assistance is available.  We handle distribution of this material abroad.


We specialize in electronic, opto-electronic and motion control products.  We are currently looking for additional manufacturers to complement our current lines as well as new distributors worldwide in an effort to best serve our existing customers.

VCC litepipes.